Top 10 Favorite Trailering Tips   


Are you Road-Ready?



Here's a valuable lesson I learned when purchasing my first truck and horse trailer many years ago...


My Trainer placed ME in the trailer and drove slowly along the perimeter of the ranch – what a lesson! 


I became a more cautious, careful driver after experiencing what horses might feel in a moving, noisy trailer.

We hope you'll find these tips helpful.   PLEASE share some of your own favorites with us!​
 Top 10 Trailering Tips…

1. 24/7 National Road Assistance:  US RIDERS…Visit


2. Size does matter!  Check GROSS VEHICLE WEIGHT RATING (GVWR) to properly match your tow vehicle, trailer and hitch.   

3. Obtain the correct drivers license type for your rig size and model. Check with your DMV.    

4.  Check tire pressure in both tow vehicle and trailer.  Maintaining the recommended pressure level helps avoid dangerous trailer sway.

5.  Adjust safety chains to prevent dragging on the pavement causing sparks and possible fires along your route.     (our home nearly burned down due to a driver failing to notice this!)


6.  LONG BEFORE YOU GO:  patiently work with, build trust and reward your horse for entering that scary enclosed place!   As a prey animal, an enclosed trailer goes against their hard-wired flight response.  Your confidence is the key to their success.

7.  Best practices for balance and comfort….load the heaviest horses on the left side of a two-horse or in-line trailer.  Place the heaviest horse towards the front in a slant-load..

If hauling just one horse, place him on the driver’s side

8.  Exercise the art of “double-checking” before pulling out.  Like a Pilot, take a final “walk-around”.   Check for fully closed latches, trailer ties at the right length, loose hay bags, sharp edges, working safety lights AND Health Certificates/Coggins if crossing state lines.

9. YOUR DRIVING HABITS:  Practice driving, backing up, parking, turning, etc. in empty parking lots or quiet streets if you are new to trailering.   Carefully make lane changes and allow extra stopping distance on the road.  Your horses lives are in your hands.

10.  Check weather and road conditions.  Create a Plan B or even C, if needed.  Pack emergency supplies, food and water for you, your horses and pets (if they are traveling!).


Lastly – invest in a good trailer cam so you can monitor WHAT’s Happening Back There?!

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Safely haul to your trail ride!

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