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Our mission is to be a vigilant and intelligent partner providing monitoring services and peace of mind to horse owners everywhere. 


Every horse owner, at one time or another, will load their prized possession in the trailer and drag them down the highways at 65 MPH. Unfortunately, they sit isolated in the cab of the truck with no way to monitor their horse. caters to every horse owner. From the pleasure horse enthusiast  who may need to transport their horse between boarding facilities, to high-performance equine athletes traveling between training farms and competitions.


Our trailer camera outperforms any devices available on the market and includes the added feature of displaying the horse's heart rate. Increased heart rate is a sure sign of distress or pain. We also monitor the temperature.We double the battery life of anything our customers have used before. And our platform is designed for improvements including multiple horse monitoring and worldwide coverage with our APP that will be available early 2019.

MARKET SIZE caters to nearly every horse owner.  From the pleasure horse owner who transports their horse to trail rides, to high-performance equine athletes traveling between training farms and competitions.


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The primary obstacle we face is developing a device delivering high quality videos and biometric alerts, while maintaining the ease of operation and flexible platform that will address any situation which may arise.  Our BETA testers helped us achieve this goal and create a product which delivers on promises made.  By joining the team now, you can take over the reins of the $102 Billion a year equine industry.

Raising $50,000


  • CEO Myk Powell, 30 years of building, maintaining and improving horse boarding facilities.  Myk also had a long career in Broadcast – TV and Radio, as well as stand-up comedy in the US and Asia.

  • CCO, Roberta Powell,  Roberta earned her BA degree from California State University, Long Beach and has been involved with Arabian and Thoroughbred horses for 30+ years.  She also holds numerous certificates and awards in the Aviation field (private jet charter). 

  • CFO, William Powell,  Bill earned his BS degree in math and physics at Jacksonville State College before accepting his Distinguished Military Graduate commission in the Army.

(shown with the Powell's Arabian mares SPIRIT and AFFAIRR at age 30)


Myk & Roberta Powell have boarded their Arabian and Thoroughbred horses in various California facilities since 1986.  The need to monitor what’s happening in the horse trailer, while traveling at highway speeds, occurred with Roberta and her yearling filly

KHARRAH (Khemosabi+++ x Fad Farrah).

Roberta had sold this lovely filly and was trailering her to new owners when near disaster struck.  While driving on Highway 101, the side escape door malfunctioned and opened, This caused KHARRAH to almost fall out of the trailer – she was terrified! 

Had trailer cam been in existence, Roberta could have seen the situation unfold, note the rise in KHARRAH’s heart rate and immediately pull over. goal is to help others avoid this harrowing experience, and travel in safety with peace of mind.

With special thanks to Bill Powell for sharing our vision and providing his expertise as Chief Financial Officer.


Khemosabi+++ x Fad Farrah

Bill Powell

Chief Financial Officer

Bill earned his BS degree in math and physics at Jacksonville State College before accepting his Distinguish Military Graduate commission in the US Army. A career of service and hard work seemed to be a natural fit for Bill as he studied and received his MBA in Operations Research at Tulane University, New Orleans LA.  With twenty years of active service including two tours in Vietnam Nam Bill retired as a Lieutenant Colonel.  Passionate about his desire to serve, Bill completed the course of study for his Certified Financial Planner CFP designation and broker series 7 license in Honolulu HI where he aided many families in their visions of their future.  To stay in close proximity of his family, Bill and his wife moved to Northern California where Bill continued his financial consultation to patrons at American Savings and Loan and then Bank of America.  In completion of a long career of service, Bill is providing his active hands-on support to his family in this venture.

Marsha Rogers

Digital Marketing

After spending over 15 years in the technology industry and 3 years in the US Army, I began my teaching career at the local community colleges and private schools in Sacramento. My diverse background allows me the opportunity to to find creative solutions to different business concerns. My specialty for the last 10 years has been with online marketing and search engine optimization for small businesses. 

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