Mustang Outreach mission is to provide resources and education about America's wild horses and burros,
especially the plight of the Devil's Garden herd in the Modoc National Forest of Northern California.
Our goal is to help find safe and loving homes for these magnificent symbols of America's past. 
After all, America was built on the back of a horse, OR burro!
                                Thanks, MMT Coni Lehr!   Devil's Garden horses adopted Nov. 16, 2018.   Looking great with loving care!
Updates & Latest news...               September, 2019   
AB 128  PASSED  on Sept 4th, helps protect horses from slaughter!
Thank you American Wild Horse Campaign, Assembly Member Todd Gloria and Senator Bob Hertzog! 
ALL 2018 Devil's Garden 300 older mares/geldings have HOMES!
Thank you Carla, Bonnie, Stacy, Coni & many others for saving the Devil's Garden Older Mares & Geldings...
URGENT  URGENT!!   Another round-up started September 5, 2019
PLEASE HELP  this iconic herd by adopting an Older Mare or Gelding from the
second round-up - contact the US Forest Service office in Alturas, CA now!

More details at:
These beautiful treasures of the American West will need loving, forever homes...
Devil's Garden Plateau Wild Horses - USDA Forest Service
Or call the Alturas Corrals   (530) 233-5811   Mon-Fri 8a-5p

            Upcoming shows:       Plan to attend and support this important event:

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Latest News on MSH FAIRR WIND (tag #248)...
FAIRR had a beautiful Colt - LANI KA'LIO on Easter Sunday 4/21!
Available for adoption NOW:  NATASHA  and  MRS. B 
with their gorgeous FILLLIES - Jessie  and  Kira 
Thank you to all attendees at Coni Lehr's MUSTANG DAY
June 29th - see photos below... 
    2-month old     KA'LIO vs the       Jolly Ball!
Friendly filly PASHA was just adopted by John & family!  
LANI KA'LIO (Hawaiian for Heaven's Horse)
Enjoying the pasture
             Coni with gorgeous gelding ROCKY
       He's now available for his forever home! 

Attendee John just adopted SHERMAN!!       Congratulations, John and family!

         LANI KA'LIO sharing

           Mom FAIRR's hay

Myk with filly JESSIE & Mom NATASHA
JESSIE & NATASHA available for Adoption!!
           Myk is NOT available for adoption!
               Coni with beautiful Sabino mare of the lovely filly PASHA.
            She's now available for adoption! 

MSH FAIRR WIND & LANI KA'LIO  are under the direction of Coni Lehr   (Auburn, CA)

Member Mustang Heritage Foundation

GHOST WIND (tag #375) & (3) Older Geldings released:  Lifesavers Devil's Garden South Sanctuary
(8) HORSE TALES videos below...from Ann at USDA Forest Service - you'll love them!'s
Special thanks to:   Photographer Stacy Snow, MUSTANGS MEND of Oregon and
for adopting and working to transport the older mares in-foal to safety!
and...Thank you to everyone who helped the original Devil's Garden 300!
See Devil's Garden Older Mare MSH FAIRR WIND's story below...

MSH Fairr Wind’s Journey (Formerly Tag #248 - Devil's Garden Older Mares Alturas, CA.)  November 16, 2018

by: Roberta Powell

While we may disagree on how and why the Modoc Devil’s Garden Plateau horses wound up in the corrals outside Alturas, we CAN all agree they need your immediate help.

Myk and I have been involved with Arabians and Thoroughbreds for 30+ years.  The last of our equine family, SPIRIT and AFFAIRR, passed away three years ago and left a big empty space in our hearts.  So, as soon as we heard about the Devil’s Garden round-up and possible slaughter, we knew we had to act. 

Education on the issues was needed, and some truly dedicated people and organizations helped immeasurably.  Their mission is to save these living legends and icons of America’s past…after all America was built on the back of a horse!


Thank you for spending hours with me explaining how to help:

Linda and Anne at Creekwood Equestrian - Elverta, CA   ( )

Coni Lehr and Annette Whitley – MMT Trainers  ( )

Jill Starr from Lifesavers ( )

Neda from Return to Freedom ( )

Debbie from Wild Horse Sanctuary, ( )

Desiree from Red Wings Rescue ( )

Kate from Mustangs to the Rescue (

I had long conversations with Sally Carter and Leigh Sevy at the Alturas Corrals, to better understand the Mustangs and paperwork needed to Adopt or Purchase a horse.  (Adoption allows oversight with title after one year, and Purchase provides immediate transfer of title for older horses).

We contacted the American Wild Horse Campaign, political candidates and Legislators who publicized issues and made policies.   Education is part of the solution, but action is the rest of the equation.

ANYONE CAN HELP – Your time in volunteering is priceless!  Also, a small monetary donation can buy feed, sponsor a horse, or even fix fencing and repair wells at Sanctuary and Rescue facilities…

The final piece of the puzzle is considering adoption or purchase of a horse.  We decided to adopt MSH FAIRR WIND and sponsor an older gelding with Lifesavers. 

The search for FAIRR started with photographer Stacy Snow’s beautiful and insightful pictures on the Modoc Devil’s Garden Facebook page   Somehow Stacy caught both physical characteristics and personality in her photos of the horses!

Realizing we cannot just save the “pretty ones”, we noted special older Mares and Geldings and marked the calendar for November 16-17 in Alturas.

With Coni Lehr as our “guide” and Trainer, we headed for Alturas on November 15th.  First stop: Rim Rock Hotel – which stables guest’s horses overnight.  Recommend it – very clean and amenities like microwaves, coffee makers, refrigerators and horse trailer parking.  Only 10 minutes from the Corrals.

November 16th was very cold – 18 degrees and who can start the day without coffee and a doughnut?  Recommend the Wild Mustard Seed on Main street for both!

We arrived early at the Corrals and were greeted by Ken Sandusky (PR Spokesman for the USDA Forest Service).  Procedures were reviewed:  Adopters were to see the horses first, and then Purchasers.

We were pleasantly surprised by our first impression of the Alturas Corrals.  Lots of parking, spotlessly clean, new buildings plus the most friendly Volunteers.   Thank you Mair, our “tour guide” thru the pens.

We were excited, and a bit scared to see what condition the horses were in.  We prepared ourselves to see starving suffering horses and frankly, saw none like that.  The skinny horses in the photos had gained weight and the others were calm and had plenty of room and feed.

Didn’t see signs of Pigeon Fever, and Vet Inspection and Coggins forms were offered with each horse.  HEADS UP:  Vet Inspection forms are $47, while Coggins paperwork is paid by the US Forest Service.

The Pens were neatly laid out and very clean.  The first pens held older Geldings, followed by older Mares and finally Stallions.  The foals, yearlings and younger horses are at the Litchfield corrals, which we passed on Hwy 395 (about 60 miles from Alturas). They are not available yet.

The List of Approved Adopters/Purchasers was posted and the search was on!  There was a lot of camaraderie among everyone who checked out the horses.  We helped each other, along with the Volunteers, to spot neck tag numbers, match descriptions and pick those most in need.

The Volunteers know these horses and think of them as FAMILY – they deeply care and worked hard to match the right horses and future owners.

The US Forest Service is new at the Wild Horse situation, and there were a few glitches in providing approved paperwork.   The glitch came when we understood our approved paperwork was at the Corrals and the payment station was back in town at the US Forest Service office.

Recommend any interested adopters/purchasers bring copies of ALL paperwork submitted.  I provided my original forms, plus being listed on the Approved posters – that sped up the process.

After paying our fees in town ($125 for Adoption and $25 for Purchase), we came back up the mountain and waited for the Vet to bring the Inspection and Coggins forms. 

Ann and Steve, Videographers from the US Forest Service, interviewed us as to why we were there and were very fair in equal representation of all viewpoints.  The common thread:  HELP THESE HORSES!

Coni Lehr adopted one mare (thank you Joan S., who paid the fees) and purchased several others.  FAIRR and Coni’s horses were trailered out on November 17th,  and arrived safely in Auburn by about 9:30pm.

WHEW – what an exhilarating, but sobering experience….understood 50 horses were adopted or purchased on November 16th.  We hope the rest will be taken on the 17th and in the near future.

Time is VERY SHORT and action to save these magnificent horses is needed now.  We cannot let them be lost….please help in any way you can! 


See below for Calif Atty General Becerra’s latest action:          


We love you FAIRR  &  KA'LIO - your forever family and advocate always!

Anyone Can Help Save Wild Horses!
Coni Lehr (MMT) discussing GRACIE & The Devil's Garden Herd



Please follow ARROW's progress... 


Thank you Stacy Snow, for sponsoring this beautiful Devil's Garden older gelding!













Check out ARROW's page on Facebook at...


Debra Hawk














Lifesavers Ranch

(661) 867-2661

Coni Lehr - Modoc Mustang Trainer (MMT)

Return to Freedom  


Be a Member of Mustang Heritage Foundation

Kate from Mustangs to the Rescue  



Mustangs MEND of Oregon

Freedom Reigns of San Juan Batista, CA


To reach the Double Devil Wild Horse Corrals from Alturas, travel west approximately 2 miles on Highway 299. Turn north on County Road 73 toward Crowder Flat. Climb the hill and in approximately 2 miles turn left on Forest Road 43N04 right before the pavement ends, following the signs for the Devil’s Garden Conservation Camp. In approximately 1.5 miles, the Double Devil Wild Horse Corrals are on the right. Please check in at the public information station and wait to be escorted.

     Other Devil's Garden older Mares from Alturas Corrals and friends of FAIRR...
Sabino Mare - SABINE with Coni
MRS. B looking great!  Tag #256
Bill, Myk, Haley and SANDY

Day 25 - Myk leading FAIRR

in the big arena!

Day 28 - Myk brushing FAIRR

for the first time!

Day 35 - SABINE with Dr. Allison and Coni

SABINE is confirmed in foal!

Day 36 - FAIRR eating her first carrots out of her new feed box

Day 35- FAIRR with Vet Dr. Allison and Coni - Preg-Check time!

(fingers crossed)

Day 33 - FAIRR at her first Farrier appointment:  Coni, Farrier Rebecca and Roberta

Day 42 Gentling-FAIRR crossing a bridge

Day 50 Gentling - FAIRR now in foal!  

      Shown with proud owner, Myk


Thank you, Tracey, for your beautiful Wild Horses painting

(looks like FAIRR in the lead!)

GHOST WIND (grey - tag #375)
& (3) older Geldings were
at Devil's Garden South
Lifesavers Wild Horse Canyon
 Lifesavers Ranch Lancaster, CA 

                         (661) 867-2661

  Day 41- Walking over tarps
  Hurry up with those carrots, Mom!!
Day 40 - working over obstacles
     FAIRR & KA'LIO with Myk and Coni

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