Want WiFi in Your Barn?

If you are like most horse owners you spend more time in your barn than you do in your living room. Have you ever wanted to check your emails, social media, or stream a game from the barn or arena?


mysafehorse.net® makes it possible using the latest technology WiFi point-to-point bridges.   This brings your home WiFi to anywhere on your ranch. Why burn through expensive cellular data when you can use your high-speed home WiFi when you need it, wherever you need it?

No Power? No Problem.


We can design a low-cost, effective solar solution using a single solar charger and efficient battery storage so that you are connected 24/7.  And you can even charge your phone while you clean the stalls.

Today is the day to get your barn on-line, connected and up to date.
Call us and let us design the system that you know you need but did not think possible.

mysafehorse.net is a company dedicated to giving peace of mind to horse owners everywhere.  In addition to Horse Trailer monitoring, we now specialize in bringing your home WiFi to the barn or remote areas of your property.

 Our WiFi point-to-point bridge system can span up to 5 miles (line of sight).


Give us a call and we will design the perfect solution for your ranch, boarding facility or training farm.

800-671-5230 or Email Myk Powell

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